air purifier

How To Use:

  1. Connect to the power and and turn on power switch, the power indication light turns on and check all functions automatically.
  2. Press negative ion button, the indicator light turns on. The unit starts releasing negative ion.
  3. Press ozone timer button, the settings is 10 minutes, each press will add 10 minutes till 60 minutes, additional press will turn off the ozone function.
  4. Connect the air tube button to the ozone outlet connector, then put the ozone outlet ball to the bottom of the container where you wish to sterilize. (When sterilize the air, no need to connect the air tube.)
  5. When the unit stops when it is working, press the on off button.
  6. All above functions are included in the remote control.
Apply area


Time Benefits of negative ion/ functions and effects
Normal room 10 min Removes odor, tobacco smoke and particles in the air.
Deodorize in the room 20 min Remove smoke dust particles, decompound poisonous stuff, keep the air fresh
Newly decorated house 20-30 min Decompound poisonous gas such as formaldehyde released from the furniture and wall which may need long time to fade off
Carpets and furniture 10-30 min Removed harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from new furniture, painting, and carpeting.
Cabinet for clothes and shoes 10 min 1)    Kills bacteria

2)    Remove odor

Bathroom 10 min Remove peculiar smell in bathroom, garage and basement
Kitchen 10 min Remove food preparation and cooking smell e.g. onion, garlic and fish.
Pets 10 min Effectively deodorize the pet corner and sterilize
Garbage 15 min Keep the mosquito, fly, black beetle and other insects away fro the garbage box
Apply area


Time Benefits/ functions and effects
Fruits and vegetables 10-20 min 1. Dissolves and eliminates pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

2. Kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Tableware washing 10 min Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware.
Fish and meat washing 5-10 min 1. Eliminates the fishy odor
2. Kills the bacteria in the meat and fish.
Water treatment 10 min (10kg) 1.Dissolves the organic impurities and bleaches the water.

2.Increases the oxygen level in the water.

Food preservation 5-10 min 1. Disinfects the food in refrigerator.

2. Extend fresh fruit and vegetables storage life in refrigerators and coolers.

3. Keep the food fresher.

Refrigerator deodorization 10min 1.Eliminates any odor in the refrigerator.

2.Prevent odor and taste cross-contamination of foods in refrigerators and coolers.

Apply area


Time Benefits / functions and effects
Bathing 15-30 min Prevents diseases such as epiphyte from infecting.
Laundry 20min Kills bacteria, eliminates any odor and bleaches the clothes
Children’s articles 10min Disinfects nursing bottles and toys etc.
Oral hygiene 5-10min 1.Kills bacteria in oral cavity.     2.Helps to cure some oral cavity diseases such as stomatitis
Skin care 10-20 min 1.Kills most harmful bacteria.  2.Helps to prevent or control many skin disease.  3.Helps to accelerates the metabolism activity of skin, making skin healthier and fresher in appearance

User Manual of Ozone Water machine GL-2186

Before Use, Please carefully read the User Manual and keep for future reference


Download User Manual