1. Far infrared massage

Far infrared massage can boost blood circulation, allow more oxygen and nutrients to nourish the feet and leg, speedup detoxification, enhance immunity and relieve tension and pain.

  1. Vibration massage

Cells are resonated with far infrared, which increase the temperature of hypodermis, expand the capillary vessel, enhance metabolism and make the broken cells recover quickly.


Best recommended for following conditions:

  1. high blood pressure
  2. cold feet
  3. varicose vein
  4. numbness
  5. poor circulation
  6. headache
  7. insomnia
  8. chronic fatigue
  9. back and lumbar pain
  10. weakness in legs
  11. low energy
  12. diabetic

Benefits of using Foot Massager (healing effects of FIR):

  1. Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues
  2. Promotes relaxation and comfort
  3. Induces sleep and relieves stress
  4. Decreases joint stiffness
  5. Relieves muscle spasms
  6. Increases blood flow
  7. Leads to pain relief
  8. Heals soft tissue injury
  9. Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue
  10. Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated edema, and exudes
  11. Increase metabolism, burn calories

User Manual of Far Infrared Foot Massager

Before Use, Please carefully read the User Manual and keep for future reference

Download User Manual