JKF-YS-B is our basic model with upper body massage and leg heating board.
Healthy Spine Generates & Transmits Waves To Hold Organs & Nervous System

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Auto mode 1: Basic therapy
Auto mode 2: Fortified back therapy
Auto mode 3: Fortified therapy to neck and low back
Auto mode 4: Comprehensive Therapy
Auto Mode 5: 3 & 9 Ball Therapy 


inspired  MASSAGE The easy, ancient practice of muscle control as a means of ensuring proper blood-flow, muscle leisure and also flexibility. Massage therapy is popular by all medical practitioners to ease persistent muscular tissue discomfort, rate recuperation from injuries, improve remainder, focus, as well as provide a basic feeling of wellness.

Inspired 3 CHIROPRACTIC INSPIRED The easy principle that the body could heal itself when its systems are correctly straightened and allowed to operate without obstacle, symbolized by the health and wellness and appropriate positioning of the spinal column as the core of the entire body.

Heat HEAT-THERAPY (MOXIBUSTION) Using heat to promote blood flow and also tissue reaction, additionally encourages overall muscle leisure, alleviates discomfort, as well as launches toxins entrapped in the musculature

inspired 2ACUPUNCTURE INSPIRED Migun uses an one-of-a-kind combo of helium gas bulbs and jade massage heads to develop infrared rays that promote Acupressure factors 7 centimeters deep in tissues.

inspired ACUPRESSURE INSPIRED Hand and finger stress applied to certain ” pressure-points” temporarily block ” chi”, bring back appropriate paths as well as eliminating toxic substances that have actually developed throughout the discrepancy. Migun utilizes the body”s own weight to achieve this very same impact.

Features: Jade Stone
In Oriental medicine, jade is known as a healing stone because of its Miraculous effect on the human body. Jade was favored by the royal families of Asia because it is a natural transmitter of far-infrared rays. Far infrared heat Is the same heat you feel in your feet when you walk in the sand on the beach.

The use of jade strengthens the body’s natural defenses and healing power. When jade is heated, it emits far infrared rays which are essential for the body’s natural anti-aging system. Jade is known also to circulate “Chi” inside our bodies. “Chi” in Oriental medicine is the power and the essence of everything, or “life force

When FIR penetrates our bodies it can be converted into the appropriate energy. This activates the self-regulating systems in our living tissue so as to alleviate the bodily imbalance and lead to recovery. It is not only a beneficial health therapy, but can also be a substitute for other therapeutic moralities. Because of its heat penetration property, FIR radiates to the meridian points of the body.
Far Infrared emits photons
Photons help release enzymes
Enzymes stimulate macrophage activity increasing the elimination of damaged and diseased tissues
Nitric oxide is released which expands capillaries and increases circulation

  • Restore Proper Joint Motion
  • Restore Proper Joint Alignment
  • Restore Proper Body Biomechanics
  • Restore Proper Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Prevent Degenerative Joint/Disc Disease
  • Insure Optimal Immune Response
  • Pain Relief
  • Enhance overall health and wellbeing

working effects

User Manual of JKF-YS-B Basic Bed

Before Use, Please carefully read the User Manual and keep for future reference

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A healthy spine generates and transmits waves to hold organs and nervous system

  • The perfect stream S-shape spine is a masterpiece of the Creation.
  • A healthy spine generates its own harmonic waves that not only maintain the spine’s structural and neural integrity, but also are transmitted to the brain and the autonomic nervous system where they help balance breath, heart rate, digestion, and other body functions.
  • In other words, the vibrations of a healthy spine help keep the body’s entire nervous system “in tune.”


  • Increased energy
  • Fewer hospital admissions
  • Decreased need for surgery
  • Prevantion from education, not medication
  • Better posture and spinal flexibility
  • Much More Restful Sleep
  • Improved mobility and natural pain relief


1 and 2 for following Diseases

  • Kidney disease, kidney deficiency, low
  • Back pain, chilling sensation and pain
  • In the low abdomen, abnormal
  • Urination, prostate disorders, bladder
  • Disorder, lumbar disc protrusion, poor
  • Balance, menstrual disorder, sexual
  • Malfunction. after
  • Regulation for a period: improved
  • Kidney function, recovery of urination,
  • Prostate disorder, bladder disorder,
  • Menstrual cycle and sexual function

Mode 3 and 4 for following diseases

  • Headache, vertigo, insomnia, stroke,
  • Dementia, cervical vertebrae disease,
  • Neurasthenia, trigeminal nerve
  • Disorders, Pharynx foreign body
  • Sensation, sinusitis, nasal
  • Inflammation. After
  • Regulation for a period, improved
  • Supply of blood and oxygen to the
  • Brain, disappearance of chronic
  • Headache, improved sleep, improved
  • Memory, sharper clarity, stable blood
  • Pressure, revitalized