water is one of the basic elements of life. no one can live without water. we are all familiar with purified top water or distilled water. But this water is just for survival, not for health. As we know, the normal blood PH value should be between 7.35 to 7.45, presents weak alkaline, But most people’s Body fluid PH is below 7.35, which is in a sub-health stage. Once bodily fluids turn acid, various bodily functions will recede and metabolism grows too slow to remove all harmful substances and maintain the activity of immune substances, producing the aggravated burdens on liver ans kidney ans triggering various diseases. In a word, a vicious cycle will happens to human body. This alkaline water ionizer produces functional water (alkaline water), which is not only purified, but also with these characteristics:




  1. ABUNDANT OF MINERALS AND MICRO ELEMENTS IN IONIC CONDITIONS, which are indispensable to human bodies.
  2. IT IS WEAK ALKALINITY, The constant drinking of alkaline water may neutralize the acid toxins inside the body, and maintain the balance of acidity and alkalinity, thus thoroughly solving such problems as various diseases and declining the immunity, fatigue, backache, leg pain , poor digestion, excessive gastric acid, bloated abdomen,chronic diarrhea, constipation and so on.
  3. NEGATIVE POTENTIAL. The negative potential it carries within itself will not only remove surplus fee radicals in body but also prevent the formation of free radicals to inhabit diseases and fight against aging.
  4. SMALL MOLECULAR GROUPS, which can accelerate the metabolism of various organs and tissue body.
  5. APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF OXYGEN, The oxygen contained in alkaline water directly alleviate the pressure of the oxygen supply to stomach, and is transported via blood to other organs and tissues, enriching, to some extent, the activity of various organs and tissues.
  6. Alkaline Ion water close to my body
  7. Indigestion, chronic diarrhea, gastrointestinal abnormal fermentation, excessive stomatch acid such as 4 gastrointestinal improved ion water to help
  8. Alkaline ion water produced by decomposing the filtered water to the filter by the electrical activation by ion
  9. The neck is smoth drink with a small water moleculus
  10. Our fast absorbing body! the rich mineral help the body.

Mostly sports persons prefer to have energy drinks of alkaline water Microstructure, electron-rich, reducing alkaline water is the smallest antioxidant in molecular thus drinking alkaline water is simplest and most effective way to neutralize free radicals, acidic waste and carcinogen and flux out the accumulated toxins which are all electron loving and provide best hydration to each cell in the body.

Acidic water is good for skin diseases and for wash wounds. Its very useful for bad breath and also for floor, kitchens and bathrooms cleaning. It is proven to whitening the skin.