Thermal Therapy works on the principle that diseased tumor cells, due their disordered structure, are less likely to be able to withstand the negative effects of heat as compared to healthy body cells. As a result, when cancer cells are out to heat, they are damaged or even killed. Because of the effect the heat has on the cells, hyperthermia (Thermal Therapy) is sometimes used alone for the resolution of directly killing cancer cells. However, more often it is used in concurrence with other traditional treatments, to fail the tumor cells and make them more disposed to the other treatments. For example, when hyperthermia is used earlier to radiation therapy treatments, the tumor is reduced more disposed to radiation. As a result, the other more traditional treatments are often more successful. Because it works so well as a harmonizing therapy, it is often paired with other cancer treatment methods. Patients have experienced success with hyperthermia, even in cases where the cancer has become progressive or has reoccurred.


Administering Hyperthermia Treatments

Because not all cancers are alike, there is no one way to manage hyperthermia cures. Depending on the location and type of cancer, there can be altered therapy methods that can be more effective. In some cases, the heat is applied externally. This often works best on cancerous tumors that are present in the skin, or are at least located close under the skin. In these cases, high frequency waves can be applied outwardly, using a expedient outside the body, to apply the heat to the cells. If the cancer is not reachable externally, then internal methods of applying the heat must be operated. In these cases, germ-free probes are sometimes used in order to access the cancerous cells. Using the probes, heat is applied straight to the cancerous cells, often by using high frequency energy. For cancers that have spread throughout the body, there are also whole body hyperthermia techniques that can be used.

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