Acupressure migraine headache alleviation is a completely natural form of pain alleviation and one that uses totally non-invasive techniques. In this article I will talk about how acupressure is used to alleviate pain and can be used to help you with your headaches and migraines.

It is start in traditional Chinese medicine and they think that there are channels of energy flowing through your body. These channels are sometimes referred to as elevation and along these many meridians in the human body the ancient Chinese method says there are critical energy points.

It is believed there are 800 of these and if they stop the flow of energy or chi can cause illness and pain. Once the natural flow of energy is accomplish, pain will be relieved.

This is where acupressure is used to unblock any halt and allow your meridians and chi to return to normal.

Here is an interesting technique you can do next time you have any type of migraine or headache:

There is an energy point called the GB 20 or if you like better to use the more romantic Chinese term, it is called ‘The Gates of Consciousness’ and can be found just about 1 inch either side of the spinal column just below where the skull meets the neck.

Use your fingers or thumbs to massage this point on the body to help relieve tension, stress and pain in the head. It is a good idea to do this sitting down with your elbows on the table and your head resting in your hands, as this will stop any arm strain during this simple acupressure exercise. There are lots of different types of migraine headache relief and they come in many different forms. Some natural like the one above and some that use medicine. Search some good resources to find a pain relief way out that is good for you.

It has some excellent tips and techniques that you can begin to use straight away in order to get some quick and long term pain relief. I really like all natural cure for any kind of condition or illness as I feel it’s great to excite the body to repair and fix itself.

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